Rodeo Drive Video Sculpture

James Georgopoulos is challenging our ideas about perceived luxury, specifically how it relates to recognized brands. The Rolls Royce, discarded at a junkyard, with the appearance of being in multiple car accidents, still elicits an immediate understanding of implied value and a more curious exploration of the sculpture by the viewer.  The viewer can’t help themselves, they are more intrigued simply because the sculpture is a revered luxury car (rather than say, a Ford Pinto), unknowingly becoming part of the works statement.


The juxtaposition of a salvaged wreck and a perfect paint job dripping in gold creates the illusion of wealth. Calling to mind the 1950’s Junk Art, Georgopuolos has recently begun to explore this more intensely with his truck and car series, often stripping the works down to the true form of the vehicle, where Georgopoulos sees it at its most beautiful and pure. Using the car as a canvas and integrating video, Georgopoulos wants to take us out of our element for a moment, to experience something that feels both familiar and new.


Rodeo Drive takes us on a brief journey to the most globally recognized luxury shopping destination; where the rich and beautiful go to indulge in the ultimate consumerism.  There is intentionally nothing subtle about the viewer experiencing this through the windows of a junked out car, unremarkable in itself except for it being a Rolls Royce, the opulent gold dunking of the car asks to be reconsidered for a moment what is possible and why.


Rodeo Drive, 2015,found car body, powder coat, chrome, automotive finish, steel, polished aluminum, plexiglass, 11:16 single channel video 57 x 183 x 63 inches   (145 x 465 x 160 cm)