Born Manchester, NH
Lives and Works in Venice, California.

James Georgopoulos is a multimedia artist working within the realm of painting, sculpture, and installation-based practices. His work addresses the relationship between pop culture, taboo iconography, and the techniques used to produce them.  Frequently included in Georgopoulos' work are highly designed objects used in the creation of popular culture.

Working out of a Venice and El Segundo California studios, Georgopoulos’ work fits neatly within a long tradition of Southern California artists. His paintings achieve the cool, superflat, transparent texture of the automobile-obsessed Finish Fetish artists of the 1960s such as Larry Bell, Billy Al Bengston, and Craig Kauffman.

Utilizing methods that conflate the artist’s intention, Georgopoulos has managed to consistently work with imagery that is generally considered off-limits. His engagement with historically charged subjects and objects like weaponry, film, automobiles, and pornography is as much an exploration of male identity as it is self-inquiry.



·      Group show "Shaky Towns" at Alter Space (2016)

·      Solo show "The Earth is Flat" at MAMA Gallery (2016)

·      Solo show "There is No End" at MAMA Gallery (2015)

·      Group show "Erection" at MAMA Gallery (2014)

·      Group show "Winter Sol" at J-Go Gallery (2014)

·      Solo show “Second Amendment” at Guy Hepner Contemporary (2012)

·      Group show "Gun Down The Town” at Gallery 1927 (2012)

·      Featured artist/Installment for The Art of Elysium Fifth Annual Heaven Gala (2012)

·      Group show "Massively Small" at J-GO Gallery (2012)

·      Venice Art Walk at Google (2011) (2012) (2013)

·      Venice Art Walk "Surf & Skate" Auction (2011) (2012)

·      Solo show "Guns of Cinema" at Lurie Gallery (2011)

·      Group show "Loaded Symbols" J-GO Gallery (2011)

·      Solo show "Hollywood Arsenal" at Siren Studios (2011)

·      Group Show "For the Love of Haiti" at Studio Morke (2010)


·        Pieces of Heaven Art Auction (2011) (2012) (2013) (2014) (2015)

·       Photo LA (2014)

·       Art Market San Francisco (2012)(2013)(2014)

·       Texas Contemporary (2013)

·        Art Basel @ RED DOT Miami (2010) (2011) (2012) (2013)

·       Art Market Hamptons (2011) (2012) (2013)

·       Art Platform LA (2012)

·        Affordable Art Fair NYC (2011) (2012) 

·       LAAS Los Angeles Art Show (2011) (2012)

·       RED DOT NYC (2011) (2012)

·       Art Bin at South London Gallery, London (2010)

·       Pop Up Gun Store at The Distillery, Venice Art Walk (2010)


·       An Exhibition Showcasing the Dark Side of Technological Revolution, Whitehot Magazine (August 2016)

·       New LA Exhibit "The Earth Is Flat" Questions Technology's Role, BULLETT (June 2016)

·       ARTILLERY, James Georgopoulos (June 2016)

·       Cover, Flaunt Magazine, Issue 142 (May 2015)

·       Flaunt Magazine, James Georgopoulos (May 2015)

·       art ltd., James Georgopoulos: There is No End (May 2015)

·       Issue Magazine, James Georgopoulos (2014)

·       The Shooting Range, Treats Magazine (March 2013)

 ·      Metal On Metal: James Georgopoulos Sticks to His Guns, Autre Magazine (April 2011)

·       Guns, Cameras and Pixelated Porn Stars: The Life and Art of James Georgopoulos, BULLET (October 2012)