Autonomous X12 Video Sculpture 


“Autonomous X12” from a chassis built exclusively by robots for the Nissan Motorsports race team. “Autonomous X12” is the third iteration of Georgopoulos’ series of automotive pieces embedded with or accompanied by film, each of which replicate the driving experience in real time. This dynamic piece takes the series a step further by kitting out the machine with videos that resemble those on the Google’s self-driving Project X vehicle.

The film, a voyage down Sunset Boulevard from the East Side of Los Angeles to Santa Monica on the West, can be taken as a mundane passage the likes of which your car might take without you when the technology is capable of self-driving programmable errands.

Sheet metal, aluminum, glass, rubber, steel, plastic, aerospace composites, powder coating and electronic components with 60:00 minute single channel video 75 x 164 x 71.5 in  (190.5 x 416.56 x 181.61 cm)

Self Driving Car

copyright James Georgopoulos 2016

Photo Courtesy of MAMA Gallery Los Angeles